Our Team

At Cafe Majestic SF, we pride ourselves on our diverse team of coffee professionals, each bringing their own unique expertise and passion for the cafe culture of San Francisco. Get to know the dedicated individuals who make Cafe Majestic SF your premier destination for all things coffee.

Alex Rivera – Founder & Head of Content

Alex is a seasoned cafe owner with over a decade of experience running some of San Francisco’s most cherished coffee spots. With a deep love for coffee and community, Alex founded Cafe Majestic SF to share his wealth of knowledge. He leads our content creation, ensuring our articles and guides are both informative and inspiring.

Jamie Chen – Director of Education

With a background as a professional barista and barista trainer, Jamie brings invaluable expertise to our team. She has competed in and won numerous barista competitions, showcasing her skill and passion for coffee. At Cafe Majestic SF, Jamie is responsible for developing our barista training programs and educational content.

Chris Thompson – Cafe Reviewer & Photographer

Chris’s journey in the coffee world began as a hobbyist photographer, capturing the unique aesthetics of San Francisco’s cafes. His role at Cafe Majestic SF combines his love for coffee and photography, as he travels around the city reviewing cafes and sharing their stories through his lens.

Taylor Martinez – Operations Advisor

Taylor has a rich background in managing operations for a successful chain of cafes. Her expertise in efficient cafe management and customer service excellence is a cornerstone of the advice and strategies shared at Cafe Majestic SF. Taylor offers operational insights that help aspiring cafe owners navigate the complexities of the business.

Morgan Lee – Community Manager

Morgan’s enthusiasm for coffee is matched only by their passion for community building. Having worked as a barista in a variety of settings, Morgan understands the importance of connection in the coffee industry. They lead our community engagement efforts, organizing events and workshops that bring coffee lovers together.

Jordan Kim – Sustainability Expert

Jordan brings a unique perspective to Cafe Majestic SF with their focus on sustainability in the coffee industry. With experience in sourcing sustainable coffee beans and implementing eco-friendly cafe practices, Jordan’s insights help our audience build more responsible and sustainable businesses.

Sam Patel – Technology & Innovation

Sam is fascinated by the intersection of technology and coffee. From the latest espresso machines to innovative brewing methods, Sam keeps Cafe Majestic SF at the cutting edge. His reviews of cafe equipment and technology guides are invaluable resources for anyone looking to modernize their coffee experience.

Together, our team embodies the spirit of Cafe Majestic SF: a deep love for coffee, a commitment to education and community, and a never-ending pursuit of the perfect cup. Join us in exploring the rich coffee culture of San Francisco.